Alan Carter's Antiques & Collectables Guide for Australia
First Edition - 2013 (600 Pages)

Presenting not just one, but TWO, full size hardback books.

The first book is a guide to the availability and values of around 6000 items contributed by hundreds of antique dealers from all over Australia, and personally selected for inclusion by Alan Carter. This book follows the line of and complements our previous highly popular series of Price Guides.

• 600 pages • Around 6000 photos • Every item with current valuation • Hundreds of categories • High quality hardback production • Free-flowing artwork • 'Jump off the page' photography • Every item deep etched • Evey item with accurate description.

SAYS ALAN CARTER: "I have been producing high quality Antique Price Guides for Australia since 1985. My readers know and trust me - which means they will already know they are getting value for money when they buy my books".

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Alan Carter's Book of Collections in Australia
First Edition - 2013 (400 Pages)

The second book is a completely new presentation of a number of private collections, some taking up to 30 years to acquire by avid collectors from all over Australia

There are over 40 collections on view, chosen for their interest and appeal. They are surprising, colourful, they hold your attention, pique your interest and are presented in the best way to suit the content and portray the passion of their owners. This book is not just a wonderful window on collection held within Australia, it’s also a terrific resource of knowledge and values.

• 400 pages • Over 40 collections displayed • High quality hardback production • Every item with accurate description • Every item with current valuation

Collections featured include: Aussie WWI memorabilia - small silver items - latticino glass - scales - weights - bathing beauties - Carltonware - Charlie Chaplin - xylonite - dolls - Shelley china - oil lamps - ruby glass - butterfly wing pictures - mourning jewellery - small oak items - sadler teasets - odd curiosities - shoes - McHugh pottery - store catalogues - enamel signs - advertising tins - Worcester hand vases - handbags - bangles - shotgun cartridges - depression glass - Art Deco lamps - demijohns - military cameras - small Aussie items - Faber-Castell pens - a complete country museum - and (as they say) lots and lots more ....

SAYS ALAN CARTER: "I am truly privileged that so many collectors allowed me into their homes to see and catalogue their collections. It's never been done before, which is why the Book of Collections is so unique - collectors everywhere will love it, especially since every item is valued."